Craftsman Crate

A Subscription Box for Timeless Skills

Timeless Skills

Our grandparents were never idle. Their hands were always busy, creating things of beauty and practical use. They were craftsmen and artisans even in their hobbies. Those skills should not be lost to the world. 

Complete Kits

We hate it when we buy a kit and it sits on the shelf while we try to remember to pick up the rest of what is needed from the store. Our aim is instead to give you everything you need to create your first new project right in the box – from lessons and detailed instructions to the smallest supply. 

Real Tools

Our kits include real tools, real books, real supplies, not samples or disposables like so many subscription boxes. Our kits won’t just entertain you for a few hours, but will be there to refer to and enjoy again and again.

Craftsman Crate

Become a Craftsman

Receive monthly boxes that contain what you need to learn a real skill and produce real projects – it’s a curriculum for becoming an artisan! Every month you’ll get to try a new hobby. It’s fun, it’s satisfying, it’s authentic.

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Craftsman Crate

Learn the 
crafts and skills of an artisan

Work with your hands.
Create lasting works.
Step away from the screen
and do something real.


Wood Carving

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Chain Mail

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Furniture Making

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Leather Working

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The Details

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Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our customers say about our kits:

Wow! This crate really exceeded my expectations. I can’t wait to give it to my husband for Christmas!


We LOVE this! Please tell us how to get our hands on more rings! My son used up every ring in the kit and now wants to keep going to turn his work into something more ambitious!


We were very impressed. This first crate had everything my boys need…It took them away from the world of electronics and helped them to engage in a hands on activity and create something tangible…They are looking forward to next months crate. I am so glad I signed us up for this service!



Expand your abilities.
Hone your talents.
Learn to be a craftsman.