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Hi, we’re Hal and Melanie Young.

We’re the parents of six boys and two girls, mostly grown. We’re also authors and speakers. You might have read one of our books, like Raising Real Men, or heard us speak at a conference. Maybe you listen to our podcast or read our blog or follow us on Instagram or Facebook. However you heard about us, welcome! Let us tell you how Craftsman Crate came about…

One day we were having a family brainstorming session. We love to get our kids involved in our ministry and business. One of them said, “Mom and Dad, there is absolutely nothing out there in hands on stuff for guys who are teens or adults. Nothing.” Well, we started looking and that’s just what we found – nothing.

We got everyone together again. We asked our guys what kind of things they’d want to do. They wanted to learn the skills of craftsmen. They wanted to be able to do the things their grandparents had done. They wanted to be artisans like they’d read about in all those historical novels. One of the first things they mentioned was crafting chain mail. We did some research and put together a chain mail kit. We bought a wood-burning tool to add some branding to the kit. We all enjoyed wood-burning so much, we decided to put together a kit to teach that, too.

Before long we had several kits and they were selling like crazy. People bought them for their teens. Teens bought them for themselves and so did adults. Guys bought them. Girls bought them. Before long, people were saying they wish they could just have us send them a new one every month. So, here we are.

We hope you will love them that much, too!


Hal & Melanie


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