What You Get

A Subscription Box That Will Build Your Skills

That’s always our biggest question when we look at signing up for a subscription box – what exactly are we getting for our money? We’ve gotten subscription boxes that were really just papers and cards with activities on them or that contained only one actual physical item. Even if they had more, most were inexpensive things that could only be used a time or two. Okay, so that’s everything Craftsman Crate is NOT.

We have a lot of children and not a ton of extra money. If we buy something, we want it to be something that will last, something meaningful. That’s what you’ll get with every Craftsman Crate.

Real Tools

You’ll get the tools you need to learn the skill and they’ll be tools you can keep using.



Real Supplies

You’ll get quality supplies that will let you produce a real project.



Real Guidance

You’ll get thorough explanations of how to do the project.

Sometimes you’ll even get a full-size book that you can continue learning more and more from.


Everything You Need

Our kits mean you’ll have what you need. No running to the store to get one last item.*

Our aim is to help you be ready to start creating as soon as you open the box.


*If that’s ever not possible due to shipping limitations, we’ll try to let you know in advance so you can be ready!


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